Dallas Area Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Lake Highlands Bathroom Remodel with Giant Double Shower IMAG1421

If the 70′s were to return, it would want to party in this bathroom, and it would love the fluorescent lighting over the sinks, the giant mirror tarred to the walls, and the old cabinets with the cultured tacky yellowish … Continue reading

Lake Highlands Jack and Jill Bathroom Remodel

Taking a run down late 1960′s bathroom and converting it to a contemporary bathroom is a great idea to boost the value of an older home without breaking the bank. This bathroom was the very typical ugly pastel colored tile … Continue reading

Bathroom Remodel in Junius Heights


We recently completed a bathroom remodel on Tremont St in East Dallas. The client wanted a bathroom that looked period for his prairie style house, but on a budget. Our answer was to keep the existing tub, install new subway … Continue reading

Shower Remodel in Old Home in Belmont Addition


Our client wanted a simple clean shower area to replace the old dated worn out looking shower that had been hastily installed in his bathroom probably 25 years ago. He also wanted it to have a look and feel of … Continue reading

Modern Bathroom Remodel Hollywood Heights


The owner of this 50′s style Austin stone ranch style house wanted more from his dated tiled bathroom and shower. He wanted a modern bathroom with a sleek and colorful approach. What he got was a beautiful sleek modern bathroom … Continue reading

Junius Heights Bathroom Remodel


This bathroom was done in conjunction with the kitchen we remodeled in this house.   The owner wanted something that stood out from the average bathroom and wanted a gorgeous shower to really enjoy the space. Since the space was limited … Continue reading

Bandera Bathroom Remodel


Located in a 1950′s style condo, this bathroom had been updated in the 1970′s. It had all the trappings of a dated bathroom and even had the original layer of tile which had been covered with faux marble. It was … Continue reading

Bathroom Remodel On Axton


Among the ugliest bathrooms we come across are those that were created in the 1950′s. These tend to have brightly colored tiles in pinks or yellows, cheap built in cabinets , fir downs over the tub that make you feel … Continue reading

Nesbit Downstairs Bathroom Remodel


This bathroom remodeling project took place in Junius Heights. The original bathroom was quite worn out and somewhat dated. We are not sure if this was the original bathroom in this 1930′s tudor/ craftsman house, but the blue tile does … Continue reading

Clermont Bathroom Addition


This project involved an addition on the back of a house in Hollywood Heights. We are added a large 12x 13 master bathroom using the original window. We used 117 siding to replicate a period looking addition. The bathroom has … Continue reading

Bathroom Remodel in the M Streets Dallas


The original bathroom in this space was poorly organized and divided in 2 which made it look and feel quite small. The vanities were in the middle of the room separated by a wall and you had to either go … Continue reading

Dallas Bathroom Remodel on Northcliff

norhtcliff 001

This was a typical 1980′s bathroom remodel in Dallas with beige tub and tiles. Nothing redeeming about its existence. We renovated it into an authentic 1920′s bathroom with all the bells and whistles you would want in a modern bathroom. … Continue reading

Bathroom Remodel near Mockingbird and Abrams


In 2006 we completed a home remodel near Mockingbird and Abrams. The house is located in an area with typical homes of the 1950′s. These tend to have little decoration, simple molding and almost always have tacky tile colors in … Continue reading

Upstairs Bathroom Remodel On Nesbit


We remodeled 2 bathrooms in the house to bring them back to a more original, period remodel that is more consistent with a Tudor style house with Craftsman influences. To accomplish this bathroom remodel we started with hex tiles and … Continue reading

Skillman Street Complete Home Remodel


This was another property where we completely remodeled the house top to bottom. We breathed new life into an 80 year old house that was sinking into the earth and had ceilings that were falling in. All the ceilings, walls, … Continue reading

Complete Home Remodel in Junius Heights


Here are the photos from a complete home remodeling project on Tremont. This house was completely remodeled from almost being a tear down. It had foundation work, several walls moved, new master bath, completely remodeled kitchen, new roof and several … Continue reading

Kennonview Remodel


This was a complete home remodel top to bottom. This house had hardwood installed, granite tile counter tops, tile floors, and everything was completely updated which included 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and the master bedroom.